Concierge service of the Radiant Coast
Canet-Roussillon - Saint-Cyprien - Argelès - The World
Tél +33 6 77 51 22 95 / +33 7 88 39 52 90

You are . . .

saturated by your activity and you are looking for delegate. You are short on time and you would like assistance. Owners, you need a land steward. Landlord, looking for a trusted person to manage your rentals and accompagny your holidaymaker. Yachtman, boater, you want to be free of maintenance and preparation constraints of your yacht. Sports activists, professional sportman/woman, would you like to spend more time in your training ?

a company, a community worried about the quality of life of his, her collaborators and involved in a social and societal policy...

You . . .

have to manage, contingencies, the unexpected ! You want to be relieved of the daily stresses ! You want to manage upcoming events differently ! You have a craving ? A whim ? A need ? A dream ?

Aware that short time, we have made it our business. Available and ready to listen to your needs, we seek, negociate and
organize stewardship solutions for your properties and concierge services for you.